CF Principles

The first community foundation emerged in the US in 1914 and since then this effective social technology is used in many countries around the world. In Russia, the first fund using the community foundation technology was the Togliatti Public Foundation, established in 1998.

Principles of activity of community foundations:


  • The Fund is a legal entity - a charitable non-profit organization and has its own balance.
  • The fund can not depend on the influence of one person, organization or government.


  • The Foundation carries out its activities in accordance with the laws of the State in which he established, universally recognized norms and principles of international law. He is obliged to strictly follow the rules governing charitable activities, finances and taxes.

Social investment

  • The Fund determines the needs of society and implements grant programs in accordance with these requirements.
  • As part of the grant program provided grant funding grants for the implementation of social non-profit projects with clearly defined goals and objectives, work plan, budget, forecast the expected results.
  • Within the framework of grant programs can also be allocated for charitable scholarships for talented students and young scientists.
  • Grant programs are aimed at developing the ability of citizens to self-sufficiency and self-realization, because you can not solve the problems of the population of the citizens themselves.
  • The profit from the social investment is much more difficult to count, since their effect is measured by improving the quality of life of the society, but the fund has to evaluate the results and impact of its activities.
  • The Foundation aims to creating and increasing capital, the income from which is directed to the grant programs

Innovative development

  • The Foundation constantly improves approaches to dealing with authorities, businesses, non-profit organizations, the media.
  • It is studying the experience of other community foundations and is involved in joint activities.
  • The Fund implements innovative projects aimed at improving the efficiency of its operations, including the support of international charitable organizations.

Openness and transparency

  • The fund is based on open procedures. One of the most visible instruments of transparency advocates competitive is grant programs.
  • The Foundation informs the public about its activities. Journalists can obtain complete information on income and expenditure of the Fund.
  • It prepares an annual report on the activities and provide public access to it, including access of the media.

Public representatives

  • В руководящие и контрольно­ревизионные органы фонда должны входить представители органов власти, коммерческих и некоммерческих организаций. Это позволяет учесть интересы различных институтов общества при реализации грантовых программ и избежать потери независимости.
  • Особую роль выполняет попечительский совет, осуществляющий надзор за деятельностью фонда, определяющий ее стратегические перспективы и оказывающий ей поддержку. ­ Решение основных вопросов деятельности, в том числе рассмотрение заявок на участие в конкурсах проектов, относится к компетенции коллегиальных органов.

Территориальная определенность

  • Фонд осуществляет свою деятельность в пределах определенной локальной территории, как правило, города или региона.