About the Partnership

The Association of Community Foundations Partnership — is a non-profit charitable organization that disseminates the community foundation technology and supports non-profit organizations that use this technology.

The mission of the Community Foundations Partnership is:

The development of civil society and improving the quality of life of local communities through the development and promotion of technologies of social stability and of social welfare.

The main purpose of the Community Foundations Partnership is:

  • The development and promotion of the community foundations technology and improving of local communities lives conditions
  • Development of Civil Society

Members of the Partnership contribute to creating favorable conditions for development of joint activities, mutual assistance and cooperation between community foundations in order to:

  • to develope wide and free informational field
  • to develope of a common legal framework
  • to develope of methodical work
  • to create a unified system of local and foreign donor support
  • to improve the effectiveness of community foundations

The highest governing body of the Partnership is the Coordinating Council of the Partnership of Community Foundations.

What can the Community Foundations Partnership offer?

  • it can guarantee the target use of charitable funds and reliability
  • share the knowledge of the social situation in the local region
  • share and teach the community foundations technology as a way of solving social problems

The Community Foundations Partnership strategy:

1. To create a favorable legal base for community foundations.
2. To promote the idea of ​​«community foundation» at the national level.
3. Involvement of funds on a parity basis for the development of community foundations.
4. To formate the social technologies methodological and information base.

History of development of th Partnership

The project of creation of the Partnership was adopted at the Community Foundations Partnership Conference on 1 December 2002 with the support of the Ford Foundation. Over the next six months, the project team developed and supplemented by the leaders of the community foundations. On December 11, 2002 a seminar on the development strategy of the Partnership of community foundations was organized in Togliatti. It was dedicated to creating the development strategy of the Partnership. Tthe main goal was the promotion of community foundations technology and exchanging funds experience.

At the seminar "Development of a national PR for the Partnership of Community Foundations" that was held on 26 of February in 2003 in Kaluga the elements of corporate identity and terms of reference for the visual solution of the logo of the Partnership were identified, the target audience, positioning, possible channels of communication, common standards for annual report to the members of the Partnership were also defined.

At the seminar "Technology fundraising community foundations" that was held on 19 March in 2003 in Zhigulevskcommon principles and technologies of fundraising campaigns Community Foundations were identified .

At the seminar "Technology of the grantmaking in community foundations" that was held on 25 of April in 2003 in Pervouralsk common approaches to the grant programs of community foundations were identified.

On 23 of June in 2003 the Community Foundations Partnership were established at the IV Conference, held in the city of Togliatti. Boris Tsyrulnikov was elected as theChairman of the Coordination Council of the Community Foundations Partnership, Vera Barova became the Vice-Chairman.

Vera Barova was appointed to be the new chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Partnership of Community Foundations and Oleg Sharipkov was elected as a Vice-Chairman at the V Conference of thcommunity foundations inTyumen that was held on 18 of June in 2004.

In 2005 the Partnership acquired an international status: at the VI Conference in Penza in its ranks took stock of the city Telsiai Lithuania.

In 2012 the partnership has been recognized by the international community of its activities.

Since 2012 the Partnership is supported by the Russian Federation Ministry of Development.

In 2013 the Partnership celebrated its first anniversary by releasing "The Partnership Anniversary report. We are 10 years old! "

The Partnership Board of Supervisors:

1. The Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer ofEducation and Research Fund "Skolkovo" - Oleg Alekseev.
2. The Chairman of the Board Commercial Bank "El Bank" - Anatoly Voloshin.
3. The Director of the Agency of Social Information - Elena Topoleva.
4. The Director of CAF Russia - Maria Chertok.
5. The Director of the Fund "Eurasia" Central Asia in Kazakhstan Rinad Temirbekov.

In addition the Partnership has a board of invited watchers who for various reasons have not yet decided to join the Board of Supervisors, but expressed an interest in order to take part in the Partnership's work.

The Partnership invited watchers:

1. The consultant of the Ch.S.Mott Fund in Russia - Vyacheslav Bakhmin.
2. The advisorof the President of "Uralsib" - Olga Evdokimova.
3. The executive secretary of the Donors Forum - Natalia Kaminarskaya.
4. The program manager of the Global Fund for Community Foundations - Vadim Samorodov.